What is English Solution?

As a parent of young kids, I am often involved in their school projects and daily homework while I am also watching their growth and friend relationships.

During this parenting process, I sat down and reviewed my children's routine and gave some thought to what they were doing with their time. I realize that most children attend and learn from formal schooling, but this isn't enough.

Read MoreThey also need to learn from social activities and other interactions. As a result, I created English Solution as a place for my kids and their friends to exchange information and ideas on learning. I believe this is one of many ways to make the parenting job little bit simpler when it comes to Education since the new generation that I am raising is living in an online digital era. So why not provide a safe and effective environment for them to connect in.

I sincerely hope this website and the contributions are of equal benefit to you and your children as they are to us.